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ㆍ Subject How to submit presentation files on INDICO.
ㆍ Views 13151 ㆍ Upload Date 07.04.2017
ㆍ Attached File 파일다운로드(Instruction_INDICO.pdf)


Here is the instruction for the submission of presentation files on INDICO.

1. Visit our website

2. Click "INDICO" on the top of the page.

3. Click "Login" at the right side on the top.

4. Insert ID: workshop_user / Password: ICRC2017user, and then click "login"

5. You can see "Contrubution List", click it.

6. insert keywords in the "Search in contributions".

7. Click the title you try to find, and then click the "Pencil" icon to submit your presentation file.

8. A window will pop up, click "Add Material" 

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