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Presentation Guideline

1. General information on oral sessions
  • There is no capability for dual screen, side-by-side comparisons, or the ability to show videotape simultaneously with PowerPoint slides.
  • The beamers will use 4:3 format​.
  • The organisers will not be able to fulfil all requests for oral presentations​​

Preparing Your PowerPoint Presentation

This section contains some helpful information in preparing your PowerPoint presentation.

General PowerPoint Tips:

The graphics you project on the screen should help clarify ideas, emphasize key points, show relationships, and provide the visual information your audience needs to understand your message.

Keep visuals CLEAR and SIMPLE. Abbreviate your message.

Simple graphs, charts and diagrams are much more meaningful to an audience than complex, cluttered ones.

Avoid the overuse of too many colours, patterns and graphics in one frame.

Use a minimum of words for text and title frames. Five to eight lines per frame and five to seven words per line are the maximum – less is better.

Upper and lower case lettering is more legible than all capital letters.

Vary the size of lettering to emphasize headings and subheadings – but avoid using more than three font sizes per frame.

Sans serif type projects better and is easier to read.

Try to maintain the same or similar type size from frame to frame – even if some frames have less text – avoid a “lonely” word on a screen.

Try to keep all type horizontal to the page, even with charts.

Contrasting colours work best. A good rule of thumb: use a dark background colour with lighter colour for text and graphics Highlight your main point or heading with a dominant colour (example: yellow heading, white body).

Avoid intensely bright or saturated colours that compete with the text.

Keep colour scheme consistent throughout your presentation. Changing colours and type styles can be very confusing and distract from your message.

By following the guidelines above, your presentation will go smoothly. Should you have any questions not addressed in this document? Please feel free to Contact us.

  • The posters should be prepared in A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm) size.
  • The size of the region available for installing each poster is 1 m (width) x 2 m (height).
  • You will be able to either hang it or stick it in the display boards.
  • We recommend the use of font size 24pt for the main body of your poster.